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SINGIN' THE BLUES - Vic Lewis and Jack Parnell's Jazzmen

SINGIN' THE BLUES - Vic Lewis and Jack Parnell's Jazzmen
CD / Product Number: URCD163

This CD recalls the wartime years when youth and free spirits set down on record some outstanding jazz which still sounds fresh and exciting today. The tracks were laid down in 1944 and 1945 - 24 in all! Personnel are Vic Lewis - Jack Parnell - Billy Riddick - Ronnie Chamberlain - Derek Hawkins - Dick Katz and Charlie Short.



A special re-release of original Parlophone recordings that sold over 50,000 albums when first released. First time ever available on CD. In the UK shops from March 13th and available now from our worldwide distributors or direct from Upbeat.

1. Singin The Blues
2. At The Jazz Band Ball
3. Royal Garden Blues
4. Singin The Blues
5. Prince of Wails
6. Johnnys Idea
7. Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
8. Jazz Band Jump
9. Im Coming Virginia
10. Jazz Men Blues
11. Ja-Da
12. Why Begin Again (Pastel Blue)
13. Sugar
14. Found A New Baby
15. Thats A Plenty
16. Ugly Child (Youre Some Pretty Doll)
17. Dicks Boogie
18. Mop Mop
19. Is You Is or Is You aint My Baby
20. Get happy
21. Indiana
22. Someday Sweetheart
23. I Aint Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll